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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


by Paul Mosher (©2000)

As Cycle turns and Fates unveil
An Oath Unkept will be Duke’s Bane
Winds of Change may then Prevail
His tears of Guilt like Summer’s Rain.

Fury roused by Hellish Spite
And all the Heavens Pass in Thunder
May bring the End of Dark and Light
And all the Hells then lie in Sunder.

With Trumpet to contest the Fates
A Final Challenge to be Hurled
To bring an End to Loves and Hates
Across the countless Times and Worlds.

And if the Challenge be not met
Final Entropy’s the Get.
A Coronet to Set upon Compassion’s Throne.
A Darksome Storm to Key them Home.

A Work of Hate and Black Desires,
To Free his Heart from Hell’s Own Fires.

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