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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ordering of the Moons

This very common myth refers to the antediluvian time when the Triune Moon Gods tread the dust of the stars, and danced in the first beams of light shown by Syraath on the face of Khaas. Each had given to form the world: Shagrath the weave, Skirin his breath, and the Silver Lady life to everything that grows and lives in the lands, seas, or air. In time, however, the contention between Shagrath (who believed all was his/her/its to do with as it saw fit) and the Silver Lady (who sought only to nurture, grow, and develop) grew to such proportions to threaten the very creation they quarreled over! Skirin, often siding with the Silver Lady, foresaw the chance of destruction of Khaas in their clashes, and acted, as is his wont, in a way unexpected, but effective. He took upon his chosen form, rising up into the ocean of space, blotting the starry sky with great wings. Churning the dust of the stars and stuff of light, he formed a bluish moon, polishing it with the feathers of his wings until it gleamed and glittered like a great jewel. 

Not to be outdone, the other two rose up also, forming their own abodes. 

The Silver Lady formed a beautiful full white moon, draping it with the gauziest veil from her raiment and the mist from her eyes to make it glow soft and clearly. She stayed the closest to Khaas to give comfort ,and to watch over the burgeoning life.

Shagrath wove his own abode also, gross to the Silver Lady’s beauty, dull to Skirin’s brilliance. Dark and bloody, his moon shone in the sky like the bloated, rolling, red eye of some feral creature. Unlike the other moons, however, it was farther away, and did not dominate the skyline as they did. Angered at this, Shagrath plots to change this fact, but is thwarted by either the Silver Lady or Skirin every time. This is why the red moon moves so quickly across the sky, as Shagrath hopes to outrun Skirin, who follows behind, watching vigilantly, while the Silver Lady, gracefully dances behind them both.

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