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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Odd Walker

This is a sort of generic legend in that it is known, or has analogues, in most every nation upon the world. It predates all written histories, and may be Kthoi originated. The legend concerns a Human or Humanoid, which is the ‘epitome of utter evil’, and appears from time to time to ‘herald dark times, wars, and other such apocalyptic evils’. As his race can apparently be changed (a Hobbitt one time, a Human another, etc.) to suit the place he is going to, there is no real knowledge of what he truly looks like (or even what he/it is). What is known, however, is this: regardless of its shape or guise, his eyes will ‘glow a baleful emerald green like fire’ in shadow or darkness; he always walks, never rides, everywhere he goes (he has been known to travel as much as 3,000 miles in a single night in this manner; best guess is that he can ‘hell walk’ to cover such distances); finally, no non-magikal hurt or attack can affect him, and even magikal ones seem to have only 5% – 10% of their normal effect against him. He has been killed many, many times only to reappear in later times and in different places. Many think he is some Greater Demon (mainly because of his ‘powers’ – too numerous to list here), while others feel that it is a ‘manifestation of the essence of the evil in the world’. Whatever the answer, his appearance is always the harbinger of awful times and disasters.

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