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Friday, September 9, 2011

Octorilla / Octarilla

Emperors Choice has released the Octorilla miniature, below find the link to the miniature and other pertinent details such as the Arduin I stats!


Stock # EMC3112

Retail list cost: $6.00 US
At the time of this post writing the miniature sale is still ongoing at Emperors Choice! Soon we hope to have a new pricing structure to help everyone afford miniatures (based somewhat off of our sale terms)!

The Octorilla: Fantasy Monster miniature. Hulking, gorilla-like creatures with strands of thick tentacles in place of their arms, clustered around the shoulder and sides, a classic Arduin beast.

Quantity is one figure, manufactured in one piece.

Designed for use in 25-32 mm miniature ranges.

This miniature is supplied as a RAW metal casting and is sold as an unpainted model.

Painted picture is for reference only.

Crafted by: William Watt

Reference painting by: William Watt

Arduin I stats:
Looks like a huge black-furred ape 8' tall with a bright red parrot-like beak, four yellow, sucker-covered tentacles instead of arms, and glaring red eyes.
HP: 68
AC: 6 (+5 DF)
CF: 17

NOTES: These carnivorous horrors usually haunt mangrove swamps or other "wet" areas where there is an abundance of trees and foliage. They are not truely amphibious but do not mind water and in fact, frequently hide in it to better ambush passers by. Each tentacle can strike for 8 points or wrap about a victim and crush for 4 points per melee round. Their rending beak can do 6 points of damage as well, but they seldom bite if a victim is still alive and kicking (15% chance). They fear fire fire greatly.

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