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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Night Lover

This legend is rather an odd one that does not concern death and destruction, though to many it is horrific. Also known as the ‘Black Kiss’, simply put, men (only) awaken to find an indelible mark just over their heart in the shape of a woman’s lips. Those thus kissed then become ‘great lovers’, and have hordes of women seemingly irresistibly drawn to them. They become obsessed (always) with women, and with ‘loving’ them. This orgy lasts a full 13 years, and then the man inexplicably dies of a burst heart. Always on the anniversary of the night he was kissed too. Never more than one male a year has ever been thus afflicted as far as can be ascertained, but one per year for more than 7,000 years is a lot of men! Usually 13 males (over the 13 year period) are ‘kissed’ in any given nation or area, then it shifts to another location, and begins again. Who or what does this is totally unknown, and the ‘why’ of it all remains mystery to even the strongest of arcane probes and investigations. Just pray you never awake to find that you’ve been ‘night kissed’, and have but 13 years to live!

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