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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Masher’s Deadly Reflections

{by Mark Burton} 

designed for use with Arduin II or Arduin Grimoire series (older Arduin material)

SPELL type: Wizard

Range: touch

Level: 6

Duration: 2 MR/EL

Area: 10 foot radius of recipient

Mana: 10

Effects: This enchantment is a powered up mirror image type of spell. It creates one image of the recipient for every 4 EL’s of the casting Wizard. All images duplicate the recipient, to the point of swinging weapons and casting spells and causing injuries and damage with such actions! The images attack at 1/2 the recipient’s EL and all blows and spells do 33.3% normal damage. Targets do get a save vs the duplicate’s spells, but not against the duplicates’ blows. Spells that can cause instant death, like Morgorn’s Red Death or Thoth Amon’s Organ Request, when cast by a duplicate, will instead cause the target to fall unconscious instead. Every time an image is struck, the recipient upon whom the mirror images are modeled must save vs spoken spell or have the image dissipate and the model will suffer 1 hp of damage.

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