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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Lancers of the Galloping Light

This semi legendary ballad is about a small troop of knights, dedicated to the Silver Lady, who supposedly rode steeds wrought from starlight. The goddess herself gave the steeds to them, after their impassioned plea before her altar in Chrysolia. The legendary ballad extols their merits and deeds, and plays heavily on the great plea they made before Lady of the Silver Moon, binding them and their future generations to her service, in life, death, and in-between. That she listened is obvious, as the lancers later mounted up on great Destriers described as ‘formed from light between the stars, filled with unearthly power and radiance; hooves shining and burning, eyes alit and rolling as they pranced and snorted readiness for battle’. Their final ride against the hellish army belched from the sulfurous nexus that split the slopes of the Beryllium Manticore is the stuff of heroes. It has raised the spirits and set fire to the hearts of heroes in every generation since the first telling of the tale.

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