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Monday, September 12, 2011

Lament of the Lost

by Paul Mosher (©1982)

Six mighty Heroes, Arduin’s best,
And 25 warriors all gone to their rest.

Darius Trueheart, Elven High,
where did you leave us, how did you die?

Korandahr Swiftsword and Windtooth your blade,
where was the end of your legend made?

Yorden Flame-Eyes, Warrior Fell;
have you truly at last traveled into some Hell?

Grimbold Ironfist, Dwarven and brave,
is it possible you have gone to your grave?

Rebus Doomscryer, Master of Runes;
have you with such power met with your doom?

Zorel-la Skyhand, Amazon Queen,
On what bloody field was your courage last seen?

And 25 soldiers proven and true….
what part of the world did you all vanish to?

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