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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fallen Bouloulonssa

A legend from the Great Sand Sea, this is the mythic city swallowed by the sands of that windblown, dry expanse. A fountain of magik, power, and water flowed into this city, which was a giant oasis in an otherwise dry expanse. Legends say one day the land ‘yawned and moaned like some great beast, opening wide a maw to feast on the marvels, delights, and freshness of the Bouloulonssa’. Sages theorize some cataclysm or nexus related catastrophe occurred to destroy the city, though little evidence remains to determine one way or the other. A few travelers of the dangerous desert, however, speak in hushed tones about a city they sometimes glimpse ‘alight like a glittering jewel, with a great throng of people, whose laughter and sounds of life mingled with the pure, clear sound of water from the fountains’.

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