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Monday, September 12, 2011

The End of all Beginnings

by John Kell

Far below the churning maelstrom known as the ”Eye of Entropy” where the threads of creation are loosely woven and reality is consumed by its own illusions, a ripple spreads outwards from the void. Deep beneath the “Seat of Caliban” whose citadel stands atop the deadly twisting peak known only as the “Finger of Chaos” that resides atop the dreaded “Mountains of Madness” that split the jungles of the “Green Hell” from the Deserts of the “Great Burn”. Deeper still into the very bowels of “Wyrm Hole” and past its outlet into the “Great Wurm Road”, deep into the crust beneath the road in the middle of an immense cavern, a light appears.

It is a singularity of dark and ever shifting shadows pulsating its darkness out into the empty cavern. With each pulse it stretches streaks of deep blue and specks of silver become more visible as it increases in size. Each pulse crackles with tremendous amounts of arcane energy, fusing the walls of the cave to an obsidian-like sheen. With the last pulse, the newly formed portal of darkness stretches to become the size of an ancient oak.

Through the portal of night a figure dressed in the shadows of darkness steps out. The cowed figure floats several feet away from the gate and peers deep into the cavern and smiles. It gestures with a crimson talon and 4 others dressed in the shadows of night glide to await behind the master. The master raises a staff of smoking shadows and brings it sharply to the cavern floor. A great shaking arises that’s felt throughout the land and through the cavern floor rises a black and sinister castle made of Adamantium. The figures all smile and as one fly to highest central tower. The Master gestures once more and the mists of darkness are drawn back into the staff that hisses and steam. The master and his four generals describe differently, yet they act as one for the destiny in which they seek.

The first being must be 7′ if an inch, with the broad shoulders, thick arms and chest, and narrow waist of a prime warrior. He is armored in scarlet and crimson plate with black spiked gauntlets and full helm. Twin swords of green fire smoke and hiss across his back and his eyes burn like twin lakes of fire. All who would battle him must perish under his blades for he is the weapon of Haavouk. He is the first horseman. He is war.

Next, aside the first, stands a being some 8′ tall and whipcord lean. He wears cowed robes as black as night and deep within the hood are twin pools of sapphire flames. In his talon hands rests a scythe made of Siveel the black steel and it glows with the greenish light of the power of the void. To seek him out is to seek out death for he is the second horseman Death, and he is the body of Haavouk.

The third horseman is a huge obese thing, naked for but a simple loincloth and covered in scabs, filth, and open sores that ooze green pus. His own filth encases him except for his immaculate manicured pristine hands that radiate a pale luminous green, and his eyes of flaming molten gold. He is the soul of Haavouk and his power is only matched by his cruelty. He is the third horseman, Disease.

The 4th and final being is tall and gaunt, as if a patchwork of skin was pasted upon the dried bones of a dead man. He dresses in the tattered remains of ripped skins from all races. In his clawed hands resides a staff of emerald fire that matches his own flaming eyes. His is the mind of Haavouk and his mind contains the foundations of creation and entropy warped by chaos. He is the 4th horseman. He is Famine.

All the horsemen bow to the 5th, their master, Haavouk. He is the final horseman. He is entropy and all must bow to him with time. He is dressed in robes of crimson shadows and in his talon hands he holds the Shadowstaff of Entropy, upon his head is the Helm of Entropy. Twin orbs of the blackest fire gaze upon his generals and he nods.

With but a thought and a gesture of his staff, he summons the hordes of chaos.

And they came.

By the scores, then tens of scores, and still they came, pouring through the portal and filling up the massive cavern in one black wave of endless chaos. Creatures and minions of dark chaos came streaming out by the thousands with their Shifting forms and crackling energies abound to wait, wait for that thought which would send them ripping and tearing into the last bastion of creation, shredding those chattel that believe so much in their precious harmony, they wait. And they did not have to wait for long.

The Master, high in his tower gestured once and all was silence as the void itself. In a voice that had not been used in eons, the Master rasped with power unimaginable, “The time draws near and the hour is upon us to claim that which is rightfully ours. Too long have we bickered and quarreled amongst ourselves. Too long have we watched our brethren fall to our foes because of it. No more shall we watch our brothers and sisters be succumbed by these interlopers who seek nothing less than too obliterate us back into void. Too long has it been since we could claim victory to ours, and I say it ends HERE!

The line is drawn. Never before have they had to deal with us united, nor never again afterwards. For it is we that shall become the hunters, we who shall obliterate Creation’s Edge and all who reside into the depths of the void where we can feast upon their very soul at out leisure.

It is time to end Creation’s hopes and rebuild the multiverse as we would have it!”

And with a single gesture of the Master’s staff, a great tear into the cavern’s ceiling splits open and the debris settles into a solid rampart where it lands forming a entrance into the Great Wurm Road above.

“Go my children of the shadows and wreck death and destruction in my name and secure all within the great maelstrom above as our domain. Be swift and sure and let none live to venture out of our hold to warn the cattle the butchers have arrived. Secure the “Eye of Entropy” first and creation shall then learn of the meaning of fear. It shall know of the final horseman of Entropy, Haavouk. It shall know of me!”

His staff strikes again on the floor, sending flashes of entropedic energies exploding outwards and sending a tremor through the world once again but this time fear is in the winds as the Horde flows outward to consume all within the “Eye of Entropy” for themselves; while 5 beings of unimaginable power and evil begin the plotting of the Destruction of Creation’s Edge and with it the, the ends of all beginnings.

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