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Sunday, September 11, 2011


“In the sharing of fun and hobbies, the true meaning of friendship most often manifests itself”
–David A. Hargrave

 Dave Hargrave taught us how to realize our dreams of conquest, riches and glory. But more importantly, he challenged us to “TAKE A TROLL TO LUNCH!” This was Dave’s unique way of inspiring us to open our minds to the myriad of possibilities that make LIFE, as well as gaming, a truly unique and wonderful experience. 

This fan site is dedicated to preserving the legacy of Dave Hargrave by providing Arduin fans with a fully interactive forum where they can gather together in the spirit of friendship to share their thoughts, ideas, experiences and inspirations regarding the world of Arduin and how it has affected their own lives and role playing careers; and to lead the way in introducing Arduin to the future generations of fantasy role playing gamers. 

” Arduin may be ‘me,’ but all of you who play are my ‘life’s blood.’ Together we will continue to produce the best games in the whole damn world!”

–David A. Hargrave

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