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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Continents of Khaas

There are a total of seven continents on the world of Khaas. They are the North Polar Cap, Fhedlspaera, Khaora, Extaercara, Archaela, Laenkrwat, and the South Polar Cap.

    • The North Polar Cap – Commonly referred to as the “First” continent, it is an exceedingly cold place, approximately 5,000 miles across with its center at the northern pole of the planet. Only those beings or creatures that can withstand the most extreme cold temperatures populate this area.
    • Fhedlspaera – The second continent is now only a chain and large collection of islands located in the southern hemisphere. This continent is also referred to as the “sunken” continent; over a number of years, some 200,000 years ago, the land itself sunk below the ocean. What caused the land to sink is still a mystery to this day. What remains of the second continent and its peoples are contained amongst the island chain that stretches from the equator nearly to the South Polar Cap (the 7th continent) and the many other smaller islands scattered about the southern hemisphere. Generally, the climate of the islands varies from tropical at the equator to downright cold for the islands closest to the South Polar Cap.
    • Khaora – The third continent is a landmass measuring over 3,000 miles long by 2,200 miles wide located in the northern hemisphere. It is the home to the country of Arduin. Furthermore, it is the most populated, most civilized, and most diverse in regard to different cultures, peoples, and beings.
    • Extaercara – Being the fourth continent, it is located almost on the opposite side of the world from Khaora. It is also known as the “World Spine”, or as others have called it, “The Rim of the World”. A narrow continent measuring 500 to 800 miles wide by 14,000 miles long, it stretches nearly from the North Polar Cap to the South Polar Cap. It is extremely mountainous, making it a veritable wasteland. The small amount of habitable land is located where the slopes of the mountains meet the oceans. It is at these places where a number of city-states have sprung up over the many years, primarily on the eastern side of the continent.
    • Archaela – It was once the jewel of the world; its remains are basically a radioactive barren wasteland as a result of the holocaust some 21,000 plus years ago. It measures 6,000 miles long and 1,600 miles wide. Although the eastern side of the continent is being repopulated as the radioactivity has diminished to tolerable levels, this continent remains a very dangerous place.
    • Laenkrwat – The sixth continent measures some 4,500 miles long by approximately 2,800 miles wide, and is located about a quarter away around the world from the Fhedlspaera and Khaora, sitting nearly on top of the equator. It is a very hot, dry, and deadly place with temperatures typically ranging from 120 degrees Fahrenheit at night, to 180 degrees during the daytime hours, save for the winter months when temperatures range from 90 to 150 degrees. The continent is dominated by two major features, “The Godslost Desert” and “The Great Iron Fire Swamp”. It is also rumored to be the location of “Godshammer”, an ancient fortress that was once home to the mysterious “Lifebringer Cult”.
    • The South Polar Cap – The seventh and final continent is an exceedingly cold place, measuring roughly 6,000 miles across (slightly larger than the North Polar Cap), and its center is at the southern pole of the planet.

  • You can find detailed information about all the major continents in “The World Book of Khaas: Legendary Lands of Arduin” available from Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures Corp.

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