created by Rick Brown

Ba’Naghn (pronounced Ba-Non) is an Amoral Evil Star Powered Mage with an Ego of 23! Upon acquiring the ability to cast third level spells, he proclaimed himself a “god”! Calling himself the “Starlord”, Ba’Naghn wandered throughout Arduin establishing his religion.

At first, no one paid much attention to the small cults that began to spring up in cities and towns across the land, until Ba’Naghn determined there was only room for one “supreme being” . . . .himself! He and his followers embarked on a campaign of terror that included assassinating religious leaders, pillaging and desecrating temples and coercing government officials.

However, Ba’Naghn’s plans for world domination were soon shattered when the Emperor, Lord Elric, declared he and his followers enemies of the throne. Now the hunters became the hunted as members of the cult were systematically hunted down and executed by the infamous “Black Lotus Society”!

Ba’Naghn himself narrowly escaped numerous assassination attempts and was forced to flee with only a handful of followers through one of the gates on the “Plateau of Forever”.

For the next three and a half years (of almost nightly gaming sessions), Ba’Naghn wandered the multiverse acquiring arcane knowledge, ancient artifacts and forging alliances that would enable him to exact his revenge and establish himself as the supreme godhead over all of Arduin.

By the time he returned to Arduin, Ba’Naghn had indeed become a “God” having progressed to 120th level!
It was a bright, star filled night, without a single cloud in the sky, when Ba’Naghn appeared outside the city of Talismondé. As the city lay sleeping before him, the Starlord looked to the heavens and, summoning energy from the stars themselves, he began an ancient incantation that would soon rid him of all that stood between himself and the respect and adoration he deserved.

Indeed without warning, mountains of fire began to rain down upon the city of Talismondé, completely destroying the imperial palace and bringing down the College of Mages. But still Ba’Naghn’s fury would not be quenched. He would not rest until all of Arduin were begging his forgiveness and mercy!

In an instant, he was standing outside the city of Khurahaen again the skies opened up and loosed their deadly missiles. An instant later, he stood outside of Vorlynaas, and then Nythaarna followed by Melkalund. Before dawn, all of the major cities of Arduin were ablaze!

Finally, Ba’Naghn stood outside the Elven City of Arduin. In moments he would begin the incantation that would bring all of Arduin to it’s knees and then he alone would reign supreme!

However in the middle of his summoning, without warning the skies suddenly became overcast as thick black clouds rolled in at tremendous speeds, completely blanketing the sky. No longer able to call on the energy of the stars, Ba’Naghn could not contain the power of the spell he had unleashed!

For a moment, it was if time had stopped and Ba’Naghn could see the world around him in great detail. He looked to the peak of the Obsidian Palace standing high above the elven city. There he noticed a lone figure atop the tower with arms outstretched and singing in a tongue the he could not understand. However, he recognized that lone being as Corellon Larethian, God of the Elves!

Powerless to stop the awesome power of his spell, the world around him vanished in a mist of whirling colors and Ba’Naghn soon found himself standing on an endless desert of shiny black sand. Three pale red moons hung in the violet sky above mountains of black basalt and granite.

As he began to draw his last breath there on the 4th Plane of Hell, the dark blue crystal imbedded in his forehead began to pulsate, and Ba’Naghn realized that he would one day return to Arduin to claim his rightful position as Lord of the Multiverse!