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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Arduin Herbology : Balchdur (balk-door)

BALCHDUR (also called the Green Bomb)
Description: A small evergreen tree with green fruit, similar to a lemon but with a brilliant, iridescent hue.
APT: 7
Climate: warm, sunny. Locality: hillsides/sandy soil
Time: 1 CF Action
Search TD: 100
Use TD: 100
*** Rare and Hidden uses require Embolden Herb to activate. ***
Normal: Balchdur propagates by means of the seeds in its fruit. Said fruit responds explosively to impact and shoot out from the flesh of the fruit in all directions. Stinging more than anything, a fruit causes 1 HP damage to anything within 10 ft.
Rare: Naturally occurring 1% of the time. These fruits are truly bombs, sending their seeds forth with explosive force, inflicting 3d6 HP damage to everything within 20 ft.
Hidden: The explosive force can be directed outward in a single direction, striking in a cone 20 ft long and 10 ft wide at its terminus.

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