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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arduin Herbology : Depoukarn Vine (Dep-OWE-carn)

Description: A wiry vine parasitically lives off other beings, winding and turning on itself above the skin but spreading inward to the bone with its roots.
APT: 18
Climate: see below. Locality: see below.
Time: see use
Search TD: 150
Use TD: None.
Normal: These vines alter their hosts in various ways for survivability. The vine survives as long as the host survives. They can bond instantly with a living being but it takes 1 minute and 1 HP damage to firmly root into a host. Afterward they slowly adapt their host, making subtle changes daily until a certain symmetry is reached. Each day they make a change to their host, they cause 2-ESS impairment. Each of the following will happen daily until their max benefit is reached. Once all maxims are reached it consumes 1-ESS impairment daily to sustain itself.
  • Adds a +1 bonus to DEF, to a max +20 bonus.
  • Adds a +1 bonus to the Maneuver skills, including Weapon, to a max +5 bonus.
  • Adds a +1 bonus to CON.
Rare: Requires Embolden Herb to activate.
  • When done it provides a +1 bonus to Fear, Shock, Disease and P/V saves, to a max +20 bonus.
  • Adds a +1 bonus to DR.
Hidden: Requires Find True Essence to activate. When done it enhances its host's most frequently used skills, providing a powerful edge to keep it alive. Essentially, it provides a floating +10 advancement bonus that is applied once to whatever single skill is used the most (GM adjudicated) that session.


  1. Can you clarify the question? If you are asking whether multiple vines work, then the answer is no.

    Only a single vine can exist on a host. Thus, the max benefit it could provide is +1 DR and +1 CON.

    As a note on the hidden uses, only an herbalist can unlock and set up a vine to be implanted in another to give the hidden benefit.