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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arduin Herbology : Brigwellt (BRIG-welk)

BRIGWELLT (also called Wither Weed)
Description: a dull gray weed that grows in clumps and thickets, choking out everything around it. Brigwellt is hated by most beings and destroyed where it grows as it absorbs and drys out moisture from the soil and air where ever it grows, killing other vegetation, insects and in some cases animals.
APT: 3
Climate: all but arctic. Locality: All but Arctic or tundra.
Time: 1 CF Action
Search TD: 150
Use TD: 100
Normal: Typically used as a drying agent. It can absorb moisture for up to 3 days after being cut, drying out an3 ft square area completely per bundle. Can be used to jerk or dry out meat and other products.
Rare: Requires Emboldened Herb to use. If activated with 1 APT it will begin drying out an area for the next 40 CF Counts afterward, violently drawing in all moisture within a 15 ft radius. It will wither and kill 1 BODY (counted as damage) of anything vulnerable to this attack every CF Count. Items vulnerable to this attack, such as clothes and even leather, lose DUR equivalent. If it draws out double the BODY or DUR of anything in the area, it will turn to dust. It can be made into an active dust but must be hermetically sealed until used.
Hidden: Requires Find True Essence to use. Withers 2d6+10 APT away from any “wet” elemental, demiurge or demon type per CF Count.

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