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Monday, September 12, 2011

Arduin God: Cat-Of-Fire

Definitely a lesser seen but still important deity.  You find this one fun to play with in your games.

The god is also known as Fire Paw, Fire-Eye, Firebringer, Firefur or Lightbringer and seems to be equally referred to as male or female depending on its mood. The god is a mysterious, something recognized even by Cat-of-Fire’s followers. No single mood defies the Cat-of-Fire and it frequently slips between them all. The religion came to Arduin with the Khai-Zirin morphing with that race to accommodate their new home in the world. Thus, the religion is Khai-Zirin and feline oriented but still has a following among sailors and marines of all types. The religion is seen most often in maritime and coastal nations, particularly the Cirthian League, Chardos and the Isles of Fire, which is near universally seen as the seat of the religion.
Abhor Undeath – Undead beings are an abomination of life and the natural cycle of the world. Such things are intolerable, worse than thousands of needles in the skin. You must act against them, even if indirectly, to destroy their unnatural life.
Reverence – Acting against undead or the powers of undeath, even if indirectly, to destroy or lead to their destruction.
Transgression – Not acting against the undead or the powers of undeath when you are aware of its existence.
Adventurous – Life is something to be lived and in living, one takes chances, lives with verve and an unquenchable spirit that cries out for adventure!
Reverence – Attacking life with a zest and spirit that outshines the mundane; never giving in to death, struggling against its cold, fetid embrace until the very last. Not accepting the mundane when something more adventurous is possible.
Transgression – Choosing the safest course over a more adventurous one; opting to live in shame or live a boring life.
Live Life in Superlatives– Life is full of glorious triumph and humiliating defeat. One is to be celebrated and the other mourned.
Reverence – Positive aspects of life should be loudly and boisterously celebrated. Negative ones should be drowned in sorrow. Any critical success generates 1 Faith but equally any critical failure strips away 1 Faith.
Transgression – Not living in this manner.
Living Sacrifice – Once per year, the religion calls for the sacrifice of a living being in a day long ceremony that is closer to a hunt of prey than anything else. A Saint must make this sacrifice twice a year.
Reverence – Carrying out the ceremony as dictated.
Transgression – Not carrying out the ceremony as dictated.
Stigma – Cat-of-Fire sets Priests, Paladins, Saints, and Witch Hunters equally at letter grade Y for transgressions.
Tolerant Veneration – Priests, Paladins, and Saints may draw upon Faith and upon sacred objects, relics, reliquaries, and sources that provide Faith or mana. A source must be specifically dedicated by divine or religious authority (GM adjudicates the source) to be “sacred” and eligible to draw upon for Faith or mana.
Reverence – Only use mana formed out of the personal communion of Faith to mana or from sacred objects dedicated to the religion.
Transgression – Using a sacred object not venerated to the religion, or using mana from a source outside of personal communion.

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