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Monday, September 12, 2011

Arduin Eternal Artifacts

Figured I would add a few contributions that have recently adorned the characters in my personal campaigns.

Description: A splitoak, ironwood or like hardwood staff, bound at the ends with bands of iron and marked with the device of the mages of Chund.
History: Normally given to followers of the Chundian battle schools if they perform well enough in the Black Tides and Northern Fury trial.
Value: 12,000 GC TD: 85 Dur: 118
Condition: Only Mages or those on a Mage path may use this staff.
Powers: The Staff is perfectly weighted and can be employed as if fighting with two weapons while still retaining the ability to Parry and make an attack (see Staff write up for more details). It also provides a +5 bonus on Channel and Cast skill checks.

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