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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

AE Character Sheets

As promised, we are providing several types of character sheets for download.  The "official" one from the Arduin Eternal book and several variations created by the play testers, some of which you will likely find as enhancements over the included one.

Character sheet from the Arduin Eternal book (credit goes to John Kell/Scott Clark)

The following links contain .rar (archive) files with either word or pdf documents.   Some of these character sheets were created during the play test of the system, by play testers, and may contain data slightly out of date from the final released version.

This first variation was created by the two individuals noted below.  It was submitted a little too late or it would have been the "official" version entered into the book.

This variation is an even earlier one and has separate skill sheets for the various professions and paths included.  This too was provided by the two gentlemen above.  We are in the process as of September 2011 attempting to get garbage off of some these sheets that were inadvertently left on.

More character sheets will be posted shortly.  If you have a favorite or a variation you would like to showcase, please send an email to and we'll gladly add it into our fine examples above.

Sample character sheets were requested.  I've put together a PDF of characters that were used in a Howling Tower run I did at a convention to showcase Arduin Eternal.  Please post on the Arduin forum or email if you have questions.

On the character sheets, you'll see how mid-strength characters look, including an idea of magik items, secret combinations and so on.

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